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Christian Persecution Exists

FOR ME                   

Sarah was born in a restricted nation where freedom of religion simply does not exist. When she openly practiced her faith, she was arrested and tortured. She was forced to walk barefoot in circles around a room while interrogators beat her hands and feet. Eventually she was walking in a trail of her own blood. But Sarah would not deny Christ.

“I thought of Christ being beaten on the way to the cross,” she said later. “He suffered for me and in a small way I shared in that suffering for Him. It gave me courage to survive my time in prison.

FOR ME                    

Damare was only 10 years old when he was sold as a slave. One Sunday he snuck off to attend a church service. Damare was discovered and dragged to a field where his owner nailed his hands and knees to a board and left him to die. Miraculously, Damare was rescued. Later he told us, “I forgive the man who did this to me. Jesus was also nailed [to a cross], and He forgave me.”

FOR ME                    
Richard Wurmbrand  

Richard Wurmbrand was imprisoned a total of 14 years for being the pastor of an underground church. He spent three years in solitary confinement where he faced torture and despair beyond imagination. Yet through that despair, Richard found a depth of faith he never knew existed. “It was in the midst of suffering I experienced the everlasting love of Christ.” Pastor Wurmbrand went on to establish The Voice of the Martyrs.


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